Mercury Venus

Stage Performance:

Asi's award-winning stage show is a fast-paced, highly-interactive experience filled with miracles, playful humor, and pure chutzpah.

You never know what to expect with this unpredictable performer, in one moment your personal belongings might vanish and reappear in the most unexpected place, in another, a members of your family might become part of the show as well. (Even if they're not attending. Even if they're at home. Even if they're in a different country.)

Every member of the audience becomes involved in one way or another, yet not a single volunteer is ever made to feel uncomfortable. Quite the opposite: Asi's relationship with his audience often proves to be the most magical element of his show, as he turns his volunteers into stars for the night.

Asi customizes his show to suit an audience of any size, regardless of venue. The show's length varies accordingly.

Close Up Performance:

Asi's close-up performances eliminate the distance that usually exists between a performer and his audience in a formal environment. Performing right under your nose, close enough to touch - and you can - Asi ensures that the audience gets to experience the magic first-hand, making for an intimate, spontaneous encounter.

This type of performance is best suited to receptions, cocktail hours, and other events at which guests mingle and interact.