David Blaine presents

David Blaine presents

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Enter Asi Wind’s Inner Circle—the most intimate magic show you will ever experience.

I know a good deal about magic and how it is done. Asi Wind makes me think I know nothing. And that is glorious.

Jason Alexander

The moment you enter the theatre space, you become a part of the show. The unique setting intensifies the performance and creates a logic-defying experience that goes beyond magic. Audiences are not only witnesses to the magic; they become the magic itself. It is exhilarating, mysterious and hilarious. Now is the chance to join Asi Wind’s unforgettable Inner Circle.

“The kind of magic I create needs to be experienced up close; that is why we are creating the most intimate theatrical space in New York,” says Wind.

Asi Wind’s Inner Circle is produced by Arny Granat, Michael Cohl/S2BN, and Winston C. Simone

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